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We get a lot of questions from players. Here are the answers to the most common questions we get.

Is it more expensive at Elite Beach since the courts are so nice?

Our pricing for leagues is right on par with other places in town. However, we are a competitive 2v2 league and don't allow just anyone in. If we find a team can't keep up, we politely refund their money. For club, we are actually cheaper than most indoor clubs in comparison.


How do I know if an event is rained out?

Weather announcements are posted on our web site at least 2 hours before an event. Look in the upper right on the desktop version of the site, or scroll to the middle on the mobile site.


What if I can't make my schedule league game?

This is a tough one that we have had to make a hard policy to deal with teams that were not responsible. Here is the policy:


If a team does not show up for league without notifying the team they are to play (or Elite Beach), they will be removed from the league schedule. We have made it simple to contact a team to let them know you will not be able to make your match via the web site. Please try to contact teams at least one hour before the match is scheduled.


How do I contact another team?

Players can find contact information by using the link above the on-line league schedule labeled "contact a team". This link provides the list of teams in the league once you put in your team captain's phone number. Call the other team to tell the team you are unable to make your match and try to set up a time to reschedule if possible.


Does Elite Beach sell beer?

We do not sell beer. You are allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverage during adult league nights or tournaments.


Do I get a refund if I cancel?

If Elite Beach cancels an event due to weather, or any other reason, participants will be credited or refunded their entry fee. If a teams that has signed up and paid for an event decides to drop, they must do so one week (or more) before the event to receive a refund. For league play a two week advance is required to receive a refund due to scheduling issues that are created.


What is required to play?

A waiver is required for all participants at Elite Beach. If you are on a team please print out a waiver and bring it in on your first day. Adult Waiver | Junior Waiver


Other items to bring include: towel, sunglasses, sun block and a water bottle.


What are the game play rules?

All adult leagues are played by USA Volleyball rules as well as Junior Club. Junior leagues are more relaxed and abide by indoor rules.

USA Beach Rule Book