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Jr Club - Sign Up

Starts: May 31, 2021 (12:00am to 12:00am)

Registration Opens: Mar 22, 2021 12:00am
Deadline: Jun 14, 2021 11:59pm
*Registration will close in 110 day(s)
Entry Fee: $ 375.00 / per jr individual (plus tax)
Membership Fee: $8/per player we don't charge membership fees!



Iowa's Longest Running Sand Volleyball Club - Established: 2011
Coaching, Practice & Competition

COVID 19 Update
To combat the spread of viruses, we will have wash stations at each court during practices where players can sanitize their hands and arms as they feel necessary. We will also be sanitizing the balls after practice and abide by social distancing as we are able.

If at any time masks are mandated for players while they are playing or practicing, the season will be canceled and refunds will be issued.


-7 weeks (14 practices) in June and July
-Practices on Mondays & Wednesdays from 4:30pm-6pm
-Practice Location: The Sands - 6214 Grand Ave, Des Moines
-For Junior Girls & Boys Ages 11-18
-Tournament play is optional but strongly encouraged. Coaches will be there assisting teams.
-It's ok to miss practice, attend as many as possible for the best experience.

View The Full Club Schedule Here


There are no tryouts for Elite Beach Jr Club, however, we do have a limit of 80 participants and have to turn away players every year. We train players of varying skill and age levels.

Elite Beach is the only volleyball club in Iowa that is only sand volleyball. The club is geared for junior players to learn, have fun, develop skills and compete in competitive 2v2 sand volleyball.

PRACTICE: During practices, players are grouped by a combination of skill and age. We have at least one coach per court plus the coaching director at each practice. The first 20 minutes of practice involve dynamic warm-up and a warm-up skill game. For the middle section of the practice, each drill/game is explained and demonstrated on a central court by Beach Cap Certified Coaching Director Rob Batzler, after which, groups head to their assigned courts to run the drill/game with their court coaches. To end practice players play live 2v2 volleyball while the coaches oversee and assist with play and strategy.

TOURNAMENTS: Aside from practice, players are encouraged to participate in local tournaments. The coaching staff will be at local tournaments actively assisting club players. Tournaments are an all-day affair and a great experience!

COACHING: Our coaching staff teaches players skills and techniques specific to outdoor 2v2 sand volleyball. In addition, base skills for indoor volleyball are tuned and refined. Passing, Setting, Serving and most importantly reading the game to anticipate your opponent. Coaches are trained to create independent learners who are able to self-correct on the court and create their own strategies for success. Of course, coaches are always close by to assist when needed.


Each player registers individually. Partnerships are not required to participate, however, for the best experience we recommended that two players sign up for club individually with the understanding that they will partner with each other for tournaments.

Players/Parents are responsible for creating partnerships for each tournament. The Elite Beach staff will help to inform club members of who is in need of a partner, but will not be assigning partnerships. There are a few ways of finding a partner during the summer if you don't have one in mind when signing up for club:
1. you meet someone in the club who doesn't already have a set partner for tournaments
2. you ask a volleyball friend that is not in our club to play with you in a tournament


-Club Team Uniform Top
-Practice Equipment (balls, carts, lines...)
-Court Rental Fees
-Coaches Fees


USAV MEMBERSHIP - A USAV Membership is required to participate in most tournaments.
TOURNAMENTS - Tournament Fees are not covered in the club fee since tournaments are optional. Tournaments typically run $60/team or $30/player. Registration and payment for tournaments is handled by team members and parents.
TRAVEL - Travel fees are not covered in the club fee. If you need to travel for any of the tournaments please note that you are responsible to make those arrangements.


*Parents must sign a waiver for their child before they can participate. One waiver per child which is valid until they are 18. We also require an updated medical release each year.
Youth Waiver | Medical Release

*Due to the limited amount of space, we do not have a refund policy in order to ensure teams that sign up are serious about entering the club. It is understandable there may be other summer conflicts that you are waiting on schedules for. In that case, we recommend you sign up early, but not pay right away. You can then pay once you have confirmed your schedule works via the confirmation email. When we get close to filling up, an email is sent out to notify those with payment pending, asking them to pay or risk losing their spot.

*A max of 2 practices will be made up if canceled due to weather. We play rain or shine unless there is lightning or the courts are too wet.