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Co-ed 2v2 - Tuesdays

Please work hard to find a sub rather than rescheduling. The easiest way to find a sub is to borrow a player from another team that plays before or after your match. If you must reschedule, contact the team you play to notify them and to make arrangements. Make up time is 6pm on Court 1, please contact us to confirm scheduling so it doesn't get double booked.
Co-ed 2v2 Roster


Highlight Games Team
c.1 Highlight Your Games Curtiss/Wagner
c2 Highlight Your Games Salz/Salz
c3 Highlight Your Games Smith/Behrens
c4 Highlight Your Games McCoy/Plock
c5 Highlight Your Games Zoss/Woodward
c6 Highlight Your Games Sixta/Jourdan
c7 Highlight Your Games Carter/Anderson
c8 Highlight Your Games Biggs/Katz (dropped)
c9 Highlight Your Games Shern/Tesdahl
c10 Highlight Your Games Batzler/Batzler
c11 Highlight Your Games Fritz/Carlson
c12 Highlight Your Games Boahen/Flores dropped
c13 Highlight Your Games Huss/Huss dropped
7:00 PM - Co-ed 2v2
  Court 1 Court 2 Court 3 Court 4 Court 5 BYE
Week 1 - May 16 c9 vs c11 c8 vs c12 c6 vs c.1 c2 vs c5 c3 vs c4 -
Week 2 - May 23 c2 vs c4 c5 vs c.1 c3 vs c6 c8 vs c11 c9 vs c10 -
Week 3 - May 30 c10 vs c.1 c2 vs c9 c3 vs c8 c4 vs c7 c5 vs c6 -
Week 4 - Jun 6 c11 vs c9 c8 vs c.1 c2 vs c7 c3 vs c6 c4 vs c5 c10
Week 5 - Jun 13 c11 vs c2 c3 vs c10 c4 vs c9 c5 vs c8 c6 vs c7 c.1
Week 6 - Jun 20 c7 vs c9 c6 vs c10 c5 vs c11 c8 vs c3 c2 vs c.1 c4
Week 7 - Jun 27 c8 vs c10 c7 vs c11 c9 vs c6 c4 vs c.1 c2 vs c3 c5
Week 8 - Jul 11 c3 vs c5 c2 vs c6 c7 vs c.1 c4 vs c8 c10 vs c11 c9
Week 9 - Jul 18 c5 vs c7 c4 vs c6 c3 vs c9 c2 vs c10 c11 vs c.1 -
Week 10 - Jul 25 c4 vs c6 c3 vs c7 c2 vs c11 c9 vs c.1 c5 vs c10 -
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