Des Moines Competitive Sand Volleyball Club
Elite Beach


Elite Beach Sand Volleyball Club

First Season of Junior League (2010)


Elite Beach was established in 2007 by Rob Batzler. The club originated as a place for competitive adult players to play 2v2. The first year of operation consisted of days of pickup play. In 2008 adult leagues were developed for 2v2, 4v4 and 6v6. In 2010 adult leagues for 4v4 and 6v6 were dropped and replaced by Junior 4v4 and Junior Club.


The club experience great success with Junior volleyball becoming the best place in town, followed by the only place in town after beating out the competition.


Elite Beach focuses on positive training and a fun experience.


In 2016 Elite Beach moved to a new facility near Johnston, IA. The facility allowed for 2 more courts and an amazing atmosphere that match the character of people attending events.


We have been successful in growing our club and expect the growth to continue as sand volleyball is on the rise in popularity among adults and juniors.


In 2018 Elite Beach partnered with the Sands Volleyball Club in order to focus on building the popular Jr Club. Adult and Jr leagues were suspended and Elite Beache shifted to renting courts instead of running a facility of their own. The Sand provides room to grow and a great central Des Moines location.