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Posted: Saturday - Mar 17
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Competitive Sand Volleyball

2018 Announcement!

We are partnering with the Sands to focus on building our Jr Club.

Elite Beach is partnering with the Sands Volleyball Club in 2018. In doing so, we are taking a step back with all of our leagues and simply focusing on building our very popular Jr Club.

This decision was not made lightly and a variety of factors played a part. We sincerely appreciate the dedicated sand volleyball players who have joined us year after year.

What Does This Mean
All practices and training will be held at the Sands Volleyball Club at 6214 Grand Ave in Des Moines. Our Jr Club program will be run exactly as it has in the past, we will simply be renting court space from the Sands rather than operating our own facility.

Where Do We Go From Here
Elite Beach will remain a premier sand volleyball club in Des Moines for years to come. We found our niche and we feel we provide a pretty decent service. In years to come we look to expand our Jr Club as well as work with the Sands to develop more high level adult 2v2 leagues.

See you on the sand soon,
Rob Batzler 
(owner, coach, player)




Who We Are

We love competitive sand volleyball. We love the challenge of a great game when our opponent pushes us to the limit. We insist in playing on regulation courts with deep sand and tight nets, by the official rules. We don't stop until we can't go on. If we could, we would play all day every day... this is Elite Beach.




Why We're Different